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The Art of the Start

27 April, 2008

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my personal blog than to mention a great book that I’ve been reading lately.

Guy Kawasaki The Art Of The StartI’m always looking for entrepreneurial inspiration and Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of the Start” is an effective and pragmatic guide to kick start and plan for (in that order) any idea, initiative, business, adventure… you name it.

Even though his book is at times focused on the Tech industry and has quite a few references to Venture Capital (he’s a Tech VC himself), his tone is straight forward, cut the crap, put the book down and get started. It can be applied to any entrepreneurial journey, whether you start a business, a non profit organization, or any event involving people and planning.

I enjoyed being able to read the first chapter of the book on Guy’s website before buying it. I figured out in the first few pages that I would love what he had to say and that it would be a great companion for any of my ventures, current and future.

Click here to you want to read the first chapter of his book.

Click here to purchase his book on

Here is more information about Guy Kawasaki:

Guy’s website:

Guy’s blog (which I strongly recommend):

next post: The value of online Communities

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