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"Stephane was a joy to work with.  He listens deeply and then transfers what you ask of him into beautiful moments that capture the essence of his subjects.  He is willing to work for as long as it takes to get the pictures that you are looking for.  I am very grateful for his patience, time and professionalism."
Melissa S.

"First of all I want to say that Stéphane is a close family friend and I wanted him to be a guest at our wedding no matter what. The fact that he could be there as our photographer and enjoy himself as an honored guest was perfect! He was a great photographer because he was professional yet laid back which made the guests feel very comfortable with him. Everyone loved his fun personality and really opened up to him while he was walking around taking candid shots. I absolutely love the emotions he was able to capture during our wedding ceremony. I will be able to look at these photographs 20 years from now and really feel the love that I felt during those special moments. It was a wonderful wedding and thanks to Stéphane, Sean and I can relive all the great memories of our day together."
Theresa & Sean B.

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"Stephane's professionalism and warmth made this a fun photo shoot for me. He was able to capture the specific qualities I wanted to convey to my clients. I'm delighted with the photos he produced."
Jake W.
"We were thrilled with Stéphane's work and found him an absolute pleasure to work with. His photographs are of the utmost quality and truly capture the emotion, energy, and atmosphere of our wedding day. We were amazed by his seeming ability to be everywhere at once and delighted with all of the candid shots he took of our guests. Even before seeing our pictures, Stéphane had already exceeded our expectations on the basis of his professionalism, unobtrusiveness, and efficiency alone. The fact that we now have hundreds of fantastic images to peruse and to share with our friends and family is a pleasure we will enjoy for years to come."
Colleen A. & Rémi B.
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"Stephane uncanny and insightful ability to capture the surreal happiness of me and my wife's wedding day through seemingly "life standing still" portraits of both us. The photos are among are our most cherished."
Jason D.
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"Stéphane est le photographe du sensible et du détail, de l’émouvant, du fragile aussi ; il arrive en un cliché à transcender votre personnalité, démontrant son implication et son talent, chaque portrait devient sous son œil un miroir de l’âme, chaque paysage une invitation à l’ailleurs."
Marion O.
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"Stephane has an incredible sensitivity regarding light."
Freida A.
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"The great thing about working with Stephane is the mood that he manages to instill to his sessions. Even though he is an exceptional photographer, he will make no mysteries about his interrogations, and invites the subject to partake in the experience, and make suggestions. The shoot becomes an organic, reciprocal event, which I think, greatly contributes to the spontaneity of the pictures taken. Stephane understands better than most the components that go beyond the technical considerations. Namely, that a picture is usually the result of an interaction however long or short, between a photographer and a subject. His technical expertise is such that he can dedicate himself wholly to the subject, who will then be able to let his true colors shine."
Stephane M.
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"Stephane is GREAT with people and he has a fine sense of composition and capturing the moment."
Julian Wainwright - Professional Photgrapher
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"Stephane's passion and enthusiasm are boundless and infectious. His photographs say as much about him as they do his subjects."
Dan Callis - Professional Photgrapher
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