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Become a resource

15 September, 2012

La Bicycletterie Montreal Rachel Velo

© Stephane Lagrange

Montreal is one of the top 10 cities in North America for biking. A rating from says it’s actually the best city in North America.

Personally I can’t wait for Spring’s fair weather to pull my bike out and travel the city’s bike lanes. I also love to walk the streets of Montreal’s popular neighbourhoods.

During one of my many strolls I noticed a bike shop that enables bikers to fill up their tires for free. There’s an air dispenser hose hanging outside of the store for anyone to refill their tires.

I’ve often used this station to refill my tires. It is convenient, and even now that I live further away, I know that I can refill my tires there and so I go the extra mile. It was then very natural to me that when I needed my bike to be serviced, I would think of this place immediately. There are probably half a dozen bike shops in this neighbourhood, but I’m sure most bikers know this one because of the free air.

The “La Bicycletterie” store has become a resource for the biker on The Plateau in Montreal (their target customers) and I’m pretty sure they get much more business for it. The fact is I’m talking about them on my blog right now and posting this story on social media to create even more awareness and bring them more business.

Of course, offering free air is not enough, they’re also friendly, offer a great service, and have a cool store front (see photo). Being a resource is not enough, you also must deliver quality with your service or on you product. But being a useful resource definitively keeps your business top of mind.

Give some thought on how your business could become more of a resource to your customer base too.

La Bicycletterie JR
201 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H2W 1E4
(514) 843-6989 -
On Google Maps

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