Stephane Lagrange Bio PicI was born in South Africa, lived my early childhood in Germany, and I spent most of my life in France (Paris mostly).

Eager for a new start, I decided to move to Canada in 2004 where I landed in Montreal (Québec). Since then I have become a Canadian citizen, fallen in love, lived in another province (Nova Scotia) and then moved back to Montreal, got married and became the father of two wonderful sons.

Before the craziness of parenthood, opportunities and a fondness for adventure have led me to travel through India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, France, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Morocco, USA and of course Canada.

In early 2012 my life changed dramatically when my oldest son Max was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes – the incurable form of diabetes – at the age of two. You can read the story on my blog here. Since then, my wife and I have been as involved as we can be with JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, where in 2015 I am the chair of the corporate fundraising committee. I’m also an active volunteer and speaker at diabetes related events.

Here is a short video I made in 2014 to explain what our son Max has to endure with type 1 diabetes:

In 2014, we managed to bring a team of over 20 people together and raised over $8,000 for the annual TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes held in June. Here is a part of the amazing crew that came with us to the walk. Max is the little guy in the front with the red shirt, drinking apple juice as he was fighting an episode of hypoglycemia.

Team Magic Max 2014 for the Walk to Cure Diabetes in Montreal

Professionally I have over 16 years experience in the Web industry and I have founded several digital services companies (web design, marketing, strategy consulting) in France and in Canada.

Over the years I have developed an expertise in digital marketing (web, social media, mobile), and in eCommerce. I’m a strong advocate of innovation following best practices and I’m renowned for my ability to define realistic and sustainable digital strategic plans focused on business performance. I also am a regular speaker at various conferences (Online Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media, Mobile, etc.).

I currently run a digital agency in Montreal called WebTarget Inc. offering a range of digital marketing services that has facilitated the success of dozens of clients in Canada, the US, and in Europe.

I also love photography (which I practiced somewhat professionally in another life). I approach photography with passion and I am happy to share this wonderful artistic medium with friends and family and capture the moments of life that are dear to people. My strength is in portraiture and capturing people’s essence. You can see some of my work from “way back when” on Flickr here.

If I know you personally, you can connect with me on Facebook otherwise you can connect with me on LinkedIn and on Google+.